Check out our pricing below of our most popular chef wear products. If you require prices on items not listed get in touch and we can arrange a quote. We supply direct to chefs with free delivery in the Perth metro area. Perth chefs can shop from work!

Aprons and Accessories                  

PVC Bib Aprons  $20                            

XL Butchers Bib Apron $20                 

Stripe Bib Aprons $16                       

Bib Apron $15

Waist Aprons $9 - $13                          



Short Sleeve Jackets $35

Long Sleeve Jackets $39

Vented S/S Jacket $39

Black or Checked Trousers $35

Box Hats $10

Victorinox Knives

22cm Cooks $50

25cm Cooks $59

Pastry Knife $59

Filleting Knife $45

Diamond Steel $69